how online jobs help to become your own boss

Every job in the world is result oriented everyone wants perfect results. Internet jobs help to become your own boss, that is true.. You are your own boss here. In office work is divided into different categories of employees, managers, supervisors,workers etc are some type of classification here. In online jobs you are everything you can decide which one you are. You have the option to join groups provided by your friends or you can do jobs in group or individual. So, it helps you to decide how to work.
this website contains feeds from various websites which provides real online jobs in various categories such as writing and programming use “find work” menu to explore it.
Biggest advantages are timing and freedom. You can decide when to work, that is as in conventional office you don’t have to set correct office timing
and as you are your own boss you have the freedom to select how much to work.
As these jobs are online jobs and most of them are simple you can work from home in the way you want and you can earn money online
online jobs also helps to pay all your bills and you can live your own life.